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Industry experts agree, there’s no way to avoid technology in today’s businesses. From emailing receipts to customers to payroll management, many businesses rely on their computer to do much of the work for them. When there’s an issue with the technology the business is using, it can spell disaster.

According to statistics, a large number of small businesses do not have a backup in place that could protect them in the case of an emergency. Nearly 60% of companies that lose their data will end up going out of business within six months. Nearly 6% of all computers will experience loss at some point within a year’s period, while other businesses may be the victim of a fire or large disaster that destroys their office and the data they have saved. This could mean a large number of companies will go out of business because of data loss.

SKYE Technologies, a Managed Services Provider in Louisville, strives to protect small businesses from this kind of disaster. The company offers computer support on an affordable monthly plan that any business can take advantage of to ensure their data remains safe. All of their clients can call the company to obtain any help needed quickly and easily. 

Andrew McIntosh, spokesperson for SKYE Technologies, confirmed, stating, “We respond to 98% of calls within 60 seconds, ensuring our clients get the help they need fast. The client will be directed to a technician who can help them solve any problems with their current setup.” 

SKYE Technologies offers help identifying weak areas within an IT setup and solutions to fix those issues. Their certified technicians are available to answer any questions the client may have. The company offers their services in a flat-rate subscription structure so there’s no question about the cost or the services the client will receive month after month.

“We worry about the clients’ data and help them find solutions such as using the cloud to prevent a complete data loss,” stated McIntosh. “We offer flexibility, customization, and mobile access with our cloud services.”

The Cloud Solutions Louisville offered by SKYE Technologies allows a company to backup all of their data quickly and easily. If there’s an issue with their computer system, a fire in the building or another emergency, the business won’t have to worry about the loss of all of their data. SKYE Technologies will help them keep it safely in the cloud where it can be reached again once the situation is over, even if the entire office is destroyed because of a fire or other disaster.

About SKYE Technologies

SKYE Technologies is an IT support company that has been providing solutions to businesses in Kentucky and Indiana since 2006. The company prides itself on its expert advice, high-quality work, and flexible support services without exorbitant costs. Their technicians are certified in the industry and will work with the clients to help them find a solution to any technological issues they might have.

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