A New Independent Football League Plans To Launch A Thrilling New Soccer Competition

Football fans and players around the world have lost faith in FIFA and want to see the association cleaned up. Now fans are calling for more excitement in the footballing world, which could be answered by a new independent football league.

Some of the great players in the world of football have now put their playing days behind them, David Beckham, Ryan Gigs, and of course Diego Maradona. Some say football is becoming less exciting and would like to see more excitement brought to the world of soccer; one organization that is planning to answer football fans prayers is the World League.

The World League, a new, independent football league, is looking to revamp the world’s most popular sport by matching up continents instead of clubs or nations, leading to the formation of eight entirely new continental football franchises and a tournament it calls “The Battle of the Continents.”

One team each would come from North, Central and South America, along with one from Africa. Two teams each would be drawn from Europe and Asia/the Pacific. With FIFA increasingly coming under fire for corruption and underhanded deals, and professional leagues drawing talent from across the world, there is a market for a new way of thinking about the structure of teams, Phil Bauer, Director of Bauer Global, rights-holder of the competition, said.

“Imagine teams that draw the best players from entire continents and regions, creating massive fan bases for teams regardless of political borders,” Bauer said. The popularity of those teams would be enormous, and it would bring together fans who had never cheered for the same franchises before.”

The league will follow a standard format, with seven home and seven away games for each of the eight teams. Games would be held in different cities on each continent to ensure, as many people as possible were able to see at least one match. Such a structure is made possible by the existing popularity of the sport, and the organizers of the league hope it could match the global audience of nearly one billion for the 2014 World Cup.

At the end of the season, a four-team final series will decide who will be crowned as champion of the World League; with organizers hoping such a contest would draw an enormous audiences of football fans from around the globe.

“The World League will be the tournament of all tournaments; imagine the number of spectators who would want to watch the very best players from each continent compete to establish a new championship team,” Bauer said. “We think this is a fantastic opportunity, not just for fans, but for broadcasters, sponsors, and franchise owners. The audience is truly staggering, and they’re hungry for a new kind of competition, one that is truly independent.”

For more information about the World League, please visit the website: www.worldleague.net

About The World League

The tournament format will be a standard league, with each team playing home and away seven times. Every game will be held in a different city on that continent, to ensure the World Football Series reaches as many people as possible. Once the season is over, the top four teams will compete in a semi-final and a final to see who will be crowned the indisputable best.

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