Devon And Cornwall Tourism Industry Could Be Hit Hard With Government Tax Credit Cuts And School Term Fines Says UK Airport Car Parks

UK Airport Car Parks calls on the government to think again about Tax Credit Cuts and school term fines. The car parking experts have warned over 3 million people will be affected by the tax cuts, which will in turn result in fewer families being able to afford a family holiday.

George Osborne and David Cameron, two of the most famous highwaymen in the world are set to make life even harder for the working class. The two men who make Dick Turpin look like a babysitter are trying to push through tax credit cuts that will make 3 million people poorer. UK Airport Car Parks has warned, not only will the tax credit cuts result in more parents not being able to go on a family holiday, but it will also cost jobs in Devon and Cornwall by reducing the income of the British Tourism industry.

UK Airport Car Parks, who help people find cheaper airport car parking around the UK through their airport parking comparison tool, has already warned the school term holiday ban has cost the tourism industry in Devon and Cornwall £87 million a year. The parking experts believe this figure is a drop in the ocean and if the tax credit cuts continue then fewer families will be able to afford to take a holiday in Devon or Cornwall.

Chris Fryer from UK Airport Car Parks said: “Families are already finding it hard to afford a holiday. If the government go ahead with the tax credit cuts, then even more families will miss out on family holidays.”

Devon and Cornwall provide families with an excellent British holiday, but due to the school term holiday ban, families are finding it harder to afford such a luxury. With rising household bills and wages not matching the cost of living, luxury items such as holidays are becoming a thing of the past.

UK Airport Car Parks has warned the Government the school term ban has cost jobs and with the introduction of tax cuts will cause an even bigger dent in the tourism job market. However, the parking experts have said it is not just about the jobs that are being affected, they also believe the health of children and their parents are being affected. With the lack of quality time together and with parents working longer hours to try and afford a holiday, it could result in an increase in the number of people who suffer from stress.

The car parking experts are calling on people who are concerned about school term fines and the risk of tax credit cuts to visit their official Facebook page and share their stories and concerns.

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