New Dramatic Picture “The Manic and the Pear” is a Thoughtful and Incisive Look at Loneliness

Truly great films allow viewers to enter into the minds of its protagonists and experience their lives.  A new film from acclaimed young filmmaker Coel Ediger provides that kind of immersion and humanity. “The Manic and the Pear” is a short film set in 1962 Aspen that follows the life of Eric Spring, a recent high school graduate who takes a job as a janitor at a mental institution. Eric takes the job in spite of the wishes of his father, so that he can escape from a world that seems overwhelming.

“The Manic and the Pear” shows us the world through the eyes of young Eric. As he witnesses the pain that people engender in their interactions with each other, we also experience his suffering. His experiences with broken people become a powerful metaphor for his own loneliness and struggle to break down the barriers of isolation.  More importantly, they are a reflection of the brokenness of society in general.

Filmmaker Coel Ediger along with her team has invested almost two years of her life in producing this thoughtful and powerful film, but she still requires help to bring her vision to life. She intends to begin filming in late summer of 2014.  Coel has partnered with Kickstarter to raise $5,500 CAD to complete the filming and post-production necessary to make her film the masterpiece it promises to be. Supporters who pledge to make a donation may receive rewards like a “Thank You” card,  signed scripts, posters, or DVD’s of the finished film. To learn more about “The Manic and the Pear” or to make a financial contribution to this important project, please visit

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