launch the one of its kind ‘three player’ wooden chess game

The unique three player chess game is introduced by on Kickstarter which revives the age old chess playing strategies

Stuttgart, Germany – November 02, 2015 – Chess has always remained the cult classic game since the old times but there wasn’t much that was done to perk up or renovate the game and that is why the company have come up with this brand new and innovative ‘three player chess game’, especially designed for people who love design and board games.

“This version of game makes it possible to go new ways and to try new strategies, which the classical version does not allow,” says Dennis Piskovatskov, the founder of the project. “When you play this game you have to make diplomacy decisions, because there are situations which you have to discuss with your players,” he adds.

“Chess is widely popular all over the world and this new and unique chess game design is highly expected to become more popular among the chess lovers who’re looking for some new and exciting strategies as well as do some experimenting with the game.”

“Moreover, the board can be customized according to individual preferences and any color can be given to it, with an option to choose from 16 million CMYK colors. The game includes 3 x 16 figures in 3 colors. These figures are hand crafted from wood and the board is made of plastic, so that it can be printed to custom colors. Additionally, there is an option to purchase a box from wood for this figures,” explains Alex Berin, the Co-Founder of the project.

The three player chess is the result of the primary brothers’ one of the first IT projects in 2005. Dennis developed and programmed this game with Java, and Alex was the one to model it in 3D and currently they aim to make bring this project to life in form of a board game.

To make this dream a reality, they have started this Kickstarter project with a goal of €10.000 to be raised in 28 days. The campaign has started a few days back on 22nd October this year and gained a steady start but still has a long way to go.

A variety of perks and rewards are also offered through this campaign such as a chance to own the board game at an early bird price. The company also provides an option to purchase the classic two player chess game with personalization options available with it as well. Once the campaign is successful, the board game will be manufactured and shipped in December this year.

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