Kuntai Group Announces Environment Friendly & CE Certified Laminating Machines & Die Cutting Press for Various Industrial Applications

Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Co., Ltd has a variety of Laminating Machines, Die Cutting Press and Bronzing Machines, which are environment-friendly, CE certified and are of improved quality, suitable for various industrial applications.

Jiangsu Province, China – Nov 02, 2015 – Laminating machines and die cutting press are used in a variety of industries. China based Jiangsu Kuntai Machinery Company announces availability of these machines that are environment-friendly and CE certified to offer great performance to increase the efficiency of an industrial unit.

According to the spokesperson of the company, they have a specific Laminating Machine range to choose from. All machines come equipped with the PLC system that makes the handling and operation job simple and easy. With an efficient control, one can maintain the precise production quality and can deliver improved quality products. They have laminating machines that can be used to laminate a variety of products, such as leather, fabrics, foam and others. These machines have wide applications in garment, shoes, and other industries.

The company has the Hot Melt Laminating Machine that is particularly popular for its solventless laminating. The machine comes with a servo motor and hot coal oil is used as the heating device. The voltage requirement is designed according to the client needs. The machine allows rewinding or unwinding of the tension material automatically based on different fabrics. The automatic Edge Guiding System makes the rewinding or unwinding task of the left or right side of the material more precise and accurate. The Human Machine Interface makes the machine simple to use and carry out the task in an efficient manner.

For industries that require cutting non-metallic materials in a continuous manner, they have the Travelling Head Die Cutting Press. The machine is widely used in the shoe industry, car interiors, sport supplies, medical supplies and other industries. The machine allows accurate feeding and allows to set the precise feeding length that reduces the labor intensity and enhances the efficiency.

To learn more about these laminating and die cutting machines, one may visit the website www.kuntaigroup.com.cn

Hot Melt Laminating Machine

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