Exclusive Agreement On The Horizon With The Griffin Group And Anthony Huie, Author of The Spirit That Guides Us

“The Spirit That Guides Us” tells the tale of a boy, born to Jamaican parents, who was left behind when his Mother made the decision to emigrate to Canada.

Los Angeles – Months of discussions are showing signs that an agreement between The Griffin Group and author Anthony Huie to option his book, “The Spirit That Guides Us” is just over the horizon.

“We are very excited about the concept of entering into a strategic partnership with Anthony Huie and the magazine Life Off The Pitch to share ‘The Spirit That Guides Us’ with the world,” says Dan Griffin who has been involved in the entertainment industry since his childhood.

‘The Spirit That Guides Us’ tells the tale of a boy, born to Jamaican parents, who was left behind when his Mother made the decision to emigrate to Canada.  “It speaks to a people, a culture, a country and transcends that to be relatable to the world, regardless of color, ethnicity or country background.”

Dan Griffin, Founder and CEO, of The Griffin Group, is currently involved with THE CHRONICLES OF YOUNG WASHINGTON (with Robert England, Lou Diamond Phillips and William Hurt), and several other feature films and television programs, says, “The Spirit That Guides Us will round out the slate nicely.”

Griffin has worked in the entertainment industry since he was a child, as a performer, writer, musician and producer. As such, Griffin understands the importance of great story telling.

“I appreciate a story that pulls on the ‘heart strings’ and has the ability to speak to people; ‘The Spirit That Guides us’ does,” says Griffin.

Canadian author Anthony Huie has been in discussions with The Griffin Group for the wonderful opportunity to turn “The Spirit That Guides Us” into a film.

Writing ‘The Spirit That Guides Us’ was a wonderful experience for me. However, nothing is more gratifying than the opportunity to bring my story to a wider audience,” said Huie.  He further adds, “Griffin, while being fully engaged on a combination of feature films, television shows and is also in discussions with several of the talent that he currently represents; we are very excited that he is taking time to engage in the discussions with us.  We wish him luck in his other endeavors, as well are feeling extremely positive about the outcome of our project.”

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