LumiTea, LLC Launches New Website Promoting Detox Cleanse Benefits

Developing all-natural tea blends helps those interested in detoxing fit such efforts into their busy lifestyles, publishes

With up to several hundred toxins believed to be stored in the body’s fatty tissues, detox diets are becoming increasingly popular. In light of this issue, the staff of Lumitea LLC set out on a mission to develop natural alternatives to aid in the process of fostering health by eliminating these harmful agents. With their pursuit now in full swing, a company spokesperson has announced their new ecommerce website will soon be going live.

Said the spokesperson, “We’re proud to announce Lumitea is coming to life to bring renewed health and vitality to those looking for a safe, effective alternative for ridding their bodies of unhealthy toxins. Our efforts are focused on creating all-natural formulas for each of the most popular niches in the detox market. We’ve combined our passion and emphasis on quality products and services with the needs of our customers to develop a solution for living a more enriched lifestyle. The health benefits instilled by our all-natural blends are borderline magical.”

Among this newly established company’s offerings is the 30-day detox formula designed to be used in conjunction with a healthy meal plan. Containing Oolong tea, lotus leaves, senna, ginger root and Hawthorne berries, this blend is said to provide antioxidants and systematic cleansers. These elements have been found to assist in enhancing the immune system.

A considerable portion of the public has turned to detox methods for quick weight loss; therefore, the company caters to these consumers as well. Their Skinny Tea brew furnishes previously mentioned antioxidants along with metabolism heightening compounds. Other offerings include blends geared toward producing calming effects, increasing energy and boosting colon health. These products can be found via

The spokesperson concluded, “We understand our customers are active people leading busy lives. They don’t have time to follow some of the complicated and time consuming plans on the market for achieving their desired results, and this is the very reason our company was created. We look forward to helping illuminate the best in our customers and will continue to update our lineup as new products are developed.”

About LumiTea, LLC:

LumiTea started from a very simple and humble wish: they wanted to use the power of tea to help people shine. They are a dedicated team of tea gurus and have traveled the world to discover and bring together some of the most powerful super foods and herbs on the planet, brewing them into six power blends. Whether for weight loss, stress relief or boosting energy, their mission is to give customers the perfect natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching lifestyle.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.

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