PEVOLT Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger Becomes A Big Seller On Amazon

A new fast charger has become a big seller on Amazon. The cell phone charger allows for mobile devices to receive a charge much quicker than other chargers on the market. It uses fast charge technology to reduce the waiting time for a cell phone to be fully charged.

Amazon, the largest online shopping platform in the world is pleased to announce they have added a new fast charging device for consumers to purchase. The PEVOLT Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 car charger is being sold by Pevolt and uses modern technology to increase the charging speed for a mobile device.

With over seven billion mobile devices around the world, consumers are looking for quality chargers that reduce the time it takes to charge fully their device. Although there are many different chargers on the market, when it comes to cell chargers for a car, consumers are let down by chargers that do not fulfil their needs. PEVOLT looked at all the car charges on the market and listened to the frustration of mobile phone owners, and came up with the PEVOLT Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger.

The PEVOLT Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger is a dual port USB fast car charger for all types of cell phones, including Android and Smartphones. It can also provide fast charging for other mobile devices including iPads. By using modern technology with a rapid charging circuitry, it can charge a device 75% faster than other car chargers on the market.

The charger uses technology that provides a safe charge. It will automatically stop charging when the device is fully charged providing users with a safe charging device. It is available for $16.99, providing consumers with a discounted price and comes with a full money back guarantee. It comes with a free Long 3.3 ft. Micro USB Cord Cable and when two or more of the products are purchased, the consumer will receive a 10% discount at checkout.

The PEVOLT Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger has become one of the fastest car chargers on Amazon, and as such it has received five-star reviews, including:

Qualcomm Quick Charge protocol varies the output voltage of the charger to make the battery absorb energy faster. Not all devices support this rapid charging, including all Apple products. (Those devices that lack this ability will still charge at the device’s maximum rate, just won’t enjoy the “turbo” mode.)

This charger, though it has two ports, only includes one cable. The body of the charger itself is plastic and has strongly-sprung contacts that keep a good grip on the cigarette lighter port. I was able to charge an iPad Air 2 and an iPhone 5s at full power in my car.

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About The PEVOLT Qualcomm Quick Charge Car Charger


• FAST CHARGING TECHNOLOGY – This Pevolt car charger will take your breath away!. You’ll enjoy up to 75% faster charge compared with other USB car charger without quick charge 2.0. This is possible because this charger has a rapid charging circuitry that optimize voltage to meet the power requirements for your specific device, so rather than charging with a traditional 5V, it bump the voltage up as high as 20V that allows it to charge significantly faster

• CHARGES YOUR DEVICE SAFELY – This fast adaptive car charger with blue light indicator will NOT hurt your smartphone or shorten your battery lifespan. It is engineered to only deliver the power needed for the device it’s charging, this way all batteries can be charged at their optimal rate very safely

• WORLD-CLASS PACKAGE – Unlike other chargers, this one will not drive you crazy by sliding up your car’s USB port or loosing contact. Its seamless molding keeps him nice and steady. Both ports support Quick Charge 2.0 so you can rapidly charge two devices while on the go. Comes with FREE high-quality quick charge USB 2.0 cable ($10 value) that can handle enough current to charge your power hungry devices at full speed

• SPECIAL OFFER – Buy 2 or more SAVE additional 10% at checkout (No coupon needed). A perfect gift for your family and friends, and because you appreciate them buy for them too and SAVE together. Click on the ADD TO CART button and save yourself the headache of forgetting to charge your phone at home. We offer 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

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