TellmewhoIam receives great response, ‘makes a great learning tool’, say the users

The newly launched application ‘TellMeWhoIam, Science leaders’ created by Darryl Grayson, former BET executive and president of children’s media and entertainment company KidPositive, has received great reviews from the parents, teachers as well as educators seeking a great learning tool for the children.

One of the Playstore users Eelco Naumann mentions, “The thing I really like about this app is it makes learning about scientists nobody ever heard of actually kind of fun.” Another user Joy Berg mentions, “More challenging than I thought… this game forces you to learn… even a genius like me. Lol. I’m still trying to get to Bonus Level 6. Good job!”

Majority of the users mentioned that the mobile application TellmewhoIam was very useful to instill learning and creative imagination among the children.  The mobile application is based on the award winning movie and upcoming TV series ‘Tell me who I am’.

TellMeWhoIAm is a fun and challenging game that asks the users to match the faces of the popular personalities in science, engineering and technology with their accomplishments and then places the best players to the Top 10 leader board to win exciting prizes. 

The educative app is a great way to make kids learn about the pioneers in various science fields in a fun and entertaining way. The game challenges the knowledge, memory and quick response skills of the player.

The game is suitable for children aged more than 9 and even younger children can play it with assistance from parents. Moreover, it can be played without Wi-Fi connection and makes a great option for the whole family to have fun while learning together.

The developers have also ensured that the game stays fresh and challenging by automatically updating the game with new leaders and in fact, the players can also recommend adding new leaders to the game. The objective is to achieve the high score of 160 in the overall game.  But players must first score at least 85 combined points in first five levels to unlock the advanced level 6.  The highest scoring players will be listed on the Top 10 Leader Board.

TellMeWhoIAm features some of the prominent scientists such as Juan Lozano who invented a device that allows humans to fly, Christine Darden, a NASA scientist working to solve sonic boom factor, Benjamin Banneker who invented first striking clock in America and many others. The game ensures long term learning as after playing the game for multiple times to reach the next level, the players will start to remember the famous scientists and their accomplishments.

The application has surely impressed a number of parents, teachers as well as educators and a large number of reviews on playstore and iTunes are there to prove it.

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