Free Donkey Ollie Sunday School Lessons Helping Kids Grasp Inspirational Messages from Bible

Now expanding to Mozambique! Over 125,000 children have finished Donkey Ollie Sunday School lessons in Ethiopia alone.

November 02, 2015 – Mesa, Arizona, USA – Boat Angel Outreach Center, a premier Non-Profit Religious Organization/Church today announced that it is now expanding its “Donkey Ollie Sunday School Lessons” to Mozambique in a bid to help kids explore the spiritual concepts of Bible through entertaining stories and characters.

Conceived and masterfully crafted by Mike McKinney and the Aberle Film Team, ‘Tales of Donkey Ollie’ combines multiple stories, catchy songs and inspirational messages that capture the minds of the kids and help them grow in their faith. Available in the form of Free Sunday School Donkey Ollie Android App, it is fast becoming a popular tool to enlighten young digital citizens.

According to company’s spokesperson Brian Stewart, “With these free Bible lessons for kids, you get a character that is featured in over 100 countries and is based on popular children’s series, Adventures of Donkey Ollie – a forty-book series with character design by Mike McKinney, who worked on the Disney Films “Home on the Range and  the hit movie “Lion King.” He further commented, “McKinney captivates children with Donkey Ollie and his positive lessons for kids about Christ. The Donkey Ollie series features Ollie as he adventures through biblical times – teaching children Bible lessons and moral truths along the way. Integrating songs, maps and history, the videos are fun, entertaining and completely kid-friendly.”

Boat Angel Outreach Center is harnessing the creative power of technology to help children grow closer to their faith. Thanks to Mark Garland and his wonderful crew, Donkey Ollie Android App has today become a phenomenal success with over five thousand download on Google Play. Besides, more than 100,000 Sunday School books have been published in print, and over 125,000 kids have already finished Donkey Ollie Sunday School lessons in Ethiopia itself. The latest expansion to Mozambique will definitely help Boat Angel Outreach Center continue its mission to foster and support Christian community through its service.

Sunday School Donkey Ollie Android App is currently available on Google Ply Store and the printed material can be downloaded for free at:

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Boat Angel Outreach Center is basically a non-profit organization that specializes in organizing charity boat donations in order to provide substantial funding for countless international preschool and grade school aged children.

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