New MIT-E Spoon Helps Stroke Victims Consume a Wider Variety of Foods

Unknown to most people, one of the greater difficulties for victims of stroke, heart attack, head injury or neurodegenerative disease is the inability to easily eat mixed texture foods like cereal, soup or canned fruits. Many of these victims have an impaired ability to swallow foods that consist of a solid and a liquid, often leading to episodes of coughing. In some cases, foreign matter may actually enter the lungs leading to serious complications like aspiration or pneumonia. Furthermore, many of these compromised individuals are unable to manipulate their utensils to drain off liquid.

In order to enable patients greater access to mixed texture foods, a group of Speech/Language Pathologists known collectively as CALM, LLC (Collaboration for Adaptive Lifestyle Maintenance) have developed the MIT-E Spoon. The MIT-E Spoon uses a unique perforated design which automatically drains off fluid. This allows compromised patients to enjoy many more types of foods they enjoy as well as dine with friends or family with limited risk of aspiration or spillage. This well-designed product also has a rounded handle, allowing users with limited range of motion to more easily grasp and use it.

The MIT-E Spoon is currently in the FDA approval pipeline and should be available to SLP professionals and patients in early 2016. The CALM group has sponsored a campaign on Kickstarter to help raise funds for mass production of a thousand and allow early adopters to reserve their set of MIT-E Spoons. Backers can receive a three–utensil set of red or gray MIT-E Spoons with an engraved name as well as a special CALM trade show gift.

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