Toxic Mold in Lebanon Ridge Apartments, Frisco, Texas, Ruins Tenant’s Health, Reports Nancy Oliver

FRISCO, TX – 02 Nov, 2015 – Toxic Stachybotrys and Alternaria species mold growth in Nancy Oliver’s former rental apartment at Lebanon Ridge Apartments, 2355 Lebanon Rd., Frisco, Texas, caused her to suffer irreparable, lifetime health problems according to medical testing and testimony. Former tenant Nancy Oliver, has sued the apartment complex’s former manager Tracy Carlton, property owner FCREP26 (Florida Capital Real Estate Partnership 26) Lebanon Road, LLC (Florida Capital Bank and other Investors, according to the Florida Capital representative,)and property management company LBK Management Services Limited Partnership, in pending Case No. 2012-70967-431, filed in Denton County, Texas.

The lawsuit also seeks damages for violation of the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act law for advertising on its website for approximately 6 years, until the first quarter of 2015, that the Lebanon Ridge Apartments were brand new when the apartments cannot factually be considered brand new for such an extended time period. There were also other apartment complexes in this LLC and others which advertised as new as well.

Ms. Oliver leased apartment number 10208 January 31, 2012, moved in February 1, 2012 and discovered the rental apartment’s mold problem on April 18, 2012, which is also the date that

Oliver notified the apartment complex of a water leak or sewage, thought to be from an upstairs apartment, and a possible mold problem in her apartment.

On April 19, 2012, possible mold growth was found in Oliver’s apartment by a licensed Texas home inspection company and confirmed by a Mold Lab analysis, which documented an abundance of the Stachybotrys mold and Alternaria mold. The toxic mold growth was caused by water running down a wall in her apartment from an upstairs apartment. The severe mold infestation and Ms. Oliver’s resulting health problems caused her to move May 2, 2012. “The apartment manager had promised to move me into another apartment,to finish out the year lease, knowing I was 65 years of age and was very ill.Unfortunately Lebanon Ridge Apartments did notmove me to a replacement, permanent apartment.”

“I got an email from the Lebanon Ridge attorney on May 2that stated that the only way Lebanon Ridge would move me to anotherapartment or terminate the lease was if I signed a Release of Liability for any alleged damages to my personal health or property that I feel I may have suffered.”

Ms. Oliver’s Doctor has reported that: “In my expert opinion, Ms. Oliver’s exposure to the black mold in her apartment caused the symptoms and injuries from which she has suffered from April of 2012 to the present. In my expert opinion, Ms. Oliver will need continued medical intervention to treat the symptoms and injurieswhich she suffered from her exposure to the black mold, for an indefinite time into the future, but probably for the remainder of her life.”

The food source for fungal growth in buildings may include cellulose, which can be found in ceiling tile, insulation and sheetrock, as well as in wood and dirt. Clothing, carpeting and padding, draperies, upholstered and wood furniture, leather shoes, and other cellulose-based home contents are also favorites for mold to eat and grow. Even the smell of dead mold can make people sick, according to health resources. Mold sensitive individuals can experience health difficulties after only a few hours to a few days of being in a mold infested building.

Lebanon Ridge refuses to pay for Ms. Oliver’s medical treatment or any other expense and losses  she has incurred as the direct result of her exposure to elevated levels of toxic molds in her rental apartment.

Ms. Oliver seeks information and help from the public about the following issues in regard to her legal case and situation: Securities, Fair Housing, Deceptive Trade, Americans with Physical Disabilities, Elder Laws, Constructive Eviction, Retaliation, Accounting for Deposits, Bill Collector Violations, HUD rules, ACLU, OCC, FTC, FDCPA, and Unfair/Deceptive Practices.

Contact Ms. Oliver with any information you have that might help her with her unfortunate legal and medical situations: Nancy Oliver, 18208 Preston Road, Suite D9-193, Dallas, Texas 75252, Email, or phone 972-458-8182.

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