Is Your Privacy Protected on Your Mobile Phone? LEO Privacy Guard Provides the Answer

SHENZHEN, China – Nov. 02, 2015 – What comes to mind for most consumers when they think about the internet? The talented individuals behind the huge companies?The robust development of the sector? How fast the internet took off? The incredible ongoing progress? Everyone has his or her own viewpoint. However, a fact that the internet continues to expand rapidly in line with global expectations, especially the mobile side, is unavoidable.

LEO Privacy Guard

Mobile apps are the single most tangible piece of evidence demonstrating the success of the internet. A large number of the mobile apps released in the last few years have targeted the gadget and game segments of the market. A strong market response has spurred the release of mobile apps for every kind of application imaginable. Among some of the more recent releases, LEOMASTER has become an eye-catcher in the mobile privacy protection segment. It is also the first of its kind.

LEOMASTER was established in July of 2014 and launched the LEO Privacy Guard in November of the same year. By May of 2015, the application had more than 100 million users worldwide, with the biggest concentrations in Southeast Asia, South Asia and North America, demonstrating that protection of the privacy stored on one’s mobile device has become an item of concern among users worldwide and will become even more so with the increasing ubiquity of smartphones.

Data from ERICSSON MOBILITY RESEARCH shows that 340 million smartphones were sold in the second quarter of 2015 alone, up 45% year on year. It is expected that the number of smartphone users worldwide will exceed 4 billion in five years. In North America, smartphone users numbered 250 million in 2014 and is on track to grow to 370 million by 2020, according to this report from ERICSSON MOBILITY RESEARCH. The statistics not only highlight already robust use of smart phones but show how that usage continues to grow rapidly. Yet, two questions come to mind when looking at the numbers: “how will usage patterns evolve” and “are the various forms of usage safe and protected?”

According to the data, 90% of households had at least 3 internet connected devices in 2014, and 97% of U.S. households have a mobile phone. The most frequent uses (in order of frequency) are: texting, voice calls, email, browsing the internet, visiting social networking sites, mobile gaming and music streaming. Furthermore, 37% of the smartphone users willingly download apps just to try something new. The conclusion that can be drawn from this data is that US smartphone users are, indeed, very reliant on and heavy users of their phones, and each time they use their phone presents an opportunity for a leak of their personal information.

LEOMASTER was the first Chinese company to take a serious look at what can be done to protect theprivacy on one’s mobile device and, in response to a growing demand for such a product, rolled out the LEO Privacy Guard in a move to offer concerned mobile phone users a tool that can comprehensively protect privacy stored on a phone. The application provides a solution for all forms of usage, whether it be the content of a text message and a phone call, pictures or videos that the user rather keep private, or the details of financial transactions in the user’s mobile banking and mobile payment apps. The LEO Privacy Guard addresses the issue of the leak of privacy from any source within the mobile device’s entire ecosystem through a series of core functionalities, including APP LOCK, Pictures Hiding and Privacy Protection. In addition, the functionalities that were built into the product were driven by the privacy protection needs in the US market – 93% of adults said that being in control of who can get information about them is important. Ninety percent said that controlling what information is collected about them is important, among which, 65% think it is “very important” and 25% say it is “somewhat important.” Future updates of the LEO Privacy Guard will reflect the demands, as the needs around the protection of privacy evolve and are better understood.

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