Donkey Ollie Books Comes to Mozambique with New Portuguese Edition, Along With Sunday school And Soccer Lessons

2rd November, 2015 – The creative stalwarts behind Donkey Ollie Books recently announced the launch of their brand new Portuguese edition of their Bible themed books and DVDs, specifically for the children in the African town of Mozambique. In partnership with the Iris Ministries who have their headquarters in Pemba, Mozambique, Donkey Ollie Books have released forty books for children. In addition to  teaching the, Donkey Ollie Sunday School lessons the instruction will be conducting a bi-weekly soccer camp for African children ages six to twelve.

The forty Donkey Ollie books are now available for the first time in Portuguese and they come in collections of four chapters. These include the Donkey Ollie Portuguese editions of Biblical subjects made easy such as the Ten Commandments, The Names of God, The Miracles of God, along with another collection of ten books on the Lord’s Prayer.

The Donkey Ollie children’s outreach is one of the several efforts of the Boat Angel Outreach Centre which is funded by the operations of their USA based boat, jet ski, and vehicle donation program that provides 100% of the funding for the outreach ministry that reaches out to children, youths and adults by the word of God. This is primarily accomplished by the free distribution of Bible-oriented and designed for children and teens study programs, soccer camp outreaches as well as Sunday school materials featuring the popular and loveable character of Donkey Ollie. Donkey Ollie is also featured on satellite and cable television in over forty countries. To this date over 300,000 copies of Donkey Ollie books are in print.

The Donkey Ollie is well known for the free Sunday school lessons and Google Play app available free of charge for Android users worldwide. Donkey Ollie is a universal character and is loved  by children from all over the world. In addition to the 100,000 children in the USA who received free copies, over 125,000 children in Ethiopia alone have completed the Donkey Ollie Sunday School training classes. Meanwhile, the makers of Donkey Ollie are in the process of creating translations for the children of Vietnam, Pakistan, the Middle East and Egypt. These translations which shall be posted as apps available for free download from the Google Play Store. The entire Donkey Ollie TV series is also available for free viewing on YouTube worldwide.

The new Portuguese edition of the Bible oriented children’s books shall no doubt promote literacy as well as Christianity in Mozambique and the nearby African towns. Written in an easy to understand and extremely friendly language, and accompanied by colorful and vivid illustrations, the Donkey Ollie books is guaranteed to be popular among children and youths alike.

For more information about the Donkey Ollie Books or the Boat Angel Outreach Centre or any queries regarding donations, please feel free to contact Brian Stewart at and he will get back to you at his earliest.

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