Worldwide Business with kathy ireland Looks at Cutting-edge Cutting Technology from Kinetic Cutting Systems

MMP (USA) presents Vice President Ben Bond of Kinetic Cutting Systems on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.
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LOS ANGELES – November 3, 2015 – A popular business TV program introduces its audience to the world of advanced plate processing technology in its latest episode. This feature story on Worldwide Business with kathy Ireland® focuses on Kinetic Cutting Systems, a leading producer of precision plate processing machinery for a variety of industrial applications.

Host Kathy Ireland interviews company Vice President Ben Bond, who explains that Kinetic Cutting systems’ manufacturing clients are looking for ways to increase their productivity. Bond state that his company’s machines combine gas and plasma cutting with drilling, milling, tapping, marking and other processes, providing a sleek all-in-one solution. According to Bond, Kinetic Cutting Systems’ products are used by steel service centers, bridge building manufacturers, road working equipment manufacturers, and a wide range of other clients. 

Jim Uptain of Veritas Steel, one of Kinetic Cutting Systems’ clients, praises his company’s new Kinetic plate-processing machine in a video field report. He points out that the ability of the machine to do multiple tasks in one production flow, with no need to setup separate batch jobs, has resulted in vastly improved productivity.

JL Haber, the show’s Vice President of Programming, expressed excitement over featuring Kinetic Cutting Systems, saying, “This company is a great example of an innovative business solution that helps other businesses thrive. We know our viewers will find it fascinating.”

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