Omni Containment Systems Approach To F.O.G Challenges Highlighted On Worldwide Business with kathy ireland

MMP (USA) presents Kevin Chwala and Brian Smith of Omni Containment Systems on the set of Worldwide Business with kathy ireland.
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LOS ANGELES, CA – November 3, 2015 – MMP (USA) announces an exclusive interview with Omni Containment Systems for Worldwide Business with kathy Ireland. Kevin Chwala, Chief Product Designer for Omni Containment Systems, starts his interview with the observation, “For many fast food outlets and other restaurants, it is sometimes tempting to ignore what we call the FOG Problem – fat, oil and grease. This is because of the out of sight, out of mind tendency. However, this can be a very dangerous and expensive habit.”

Chwala continues, “Problems with grease and oil are usually only occurring on the roof and in back alleys, areas it is easy to ignore.”

In following up, Brian Smith, Chief Operations Officer of Omni, explains, “The regulatory environment for the proper handling of these items is increasingly stringent. We provide at Omni a solution that addresses not only regulatory requirements, but also efficiencies and operating costs. Very importantly, our equipment also reduces the risk of fire and protects the property where it is installed from problems with grease, oil and fat.”

Omni Containment Systems grease containment compliance solutions utilize four patents that deal directly with the challenges presented by new EPA regulations and the requirements of NFPA96. Totally made in the U.S., it addresses the F.O.G problem in a number of ways, including providing 360-degree protection for hood fan systems. The company belongs to a number of service associations to help it monitor service-related issues.

Smith concludes by commenting, “Our Superhinge fan hinge system is designed to protect employees with a safe operating environment while providing the only appliance that is fully compliant with NFPA96 requirements for both hinging and service hold-open retention.”

Worldwide Business Vice President of Programming, JL Haber, notes, “Omni Containment Systems provides the type of innovative solutions to everyday business problems valued by our viewers. We are pleased to provide this insight into a company tackling serious environmental and operational issues.”

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