The private yet business-savvy beauty-with-brains African Duchess Catherine Ajike

African Duchess Catherine Ajike discussing the feat of turning 30 and what it is like navigating the hectic world of business.

Having sought the elusive Duchess Catherine Ajike, we have managed to have caught her in an important stage in her life. We asked her what it is like to turn 30.Her birthday was as hectic as her life, on the 8th of August she had a “splendid time up in Wiltshire” with friends

Turning 30 brings on new responsibilities, and she is making sure her feet are firmly rooted on the ground. She has set herself firm life goals that will make sure that she is still reaching and attempting to improve both in life and in work.

Never satisfied she told us that she is more focused less with the “talk” as she is with the “walk” she seems to be a woman of her word, an action orientated woman who likes to build a reputation with her efforts, and keep schtum about the rest.

There are many milestones in her professional life she is currently looking forward to she is currently preparing to launch her fashion and house hold goods collection “Catherine Ajike International” and her perfume “Kings and Queen” collection is due to be in stores by February.

We could not help but ask her about the her clothing line “Catherine Ajike International” which will launch on the market in May which she plans to premier the first public taste at her annual fashion week called “Global fashion week”. The fashion week is in aid of raising money for *Paradise trust which is the Duchess’s Royal charity which primarily focuses on supporting those need in areas of education, medical treatment/equipment, children and family and orphans.As we asked on the influence of her clothing line Princess Catherine Ajike did mention that her mother was a  skilled baker, seamstress/fashion designer, beauty product maker as well a model. Princess Catherine Ajike also mentioned that she loves fashion, beauty, hair. There seems to be an inborn (passed down from her late mother Lily) inclination towards the world of beauty and a natural deftness and a practitioner’s astuteness.

She mentions that Textiles was one of her favourite topics in school, a talent that shone and made itself known earlier in life. The beautiful and charming Duchess Catherine Ajike proudly announced that “Global Fashion Week” will be taking place in May 2016 the date for the shows will be available on the fashion week site ( tickets for the show will be on sale as of January 2016.

What we can now expect and can safely anticipate is “The King and the Queen” which consist of a set of 13 different perfumes one for male and one for the female who would like to spray on a healthy dose of aspiration and charm like Duchess Catherine herself, there is a little signature by HRH Catherine Ajike herself.

She has been working on this particular project and nurtured it into existence, it has become a market viable product with considerable force and potential. It will launch on February 2016.

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