The Lini Cube could be the next ‘Lego’ in the market

Legos have surely been the favorite of many children since many years and there hasn’t been done much to further develop and bring any improvement in them. But, the newly launched toy building block ‘Lini Cube’ now aims to bring a new revolution in the world of toy building cubes and blocks, with its unique and innovative design.

With Lini Cube, the user will have 105 ways to plug in one cube in to another which is more than 10 times as compared to the traditional building blocks. Unlike the regular Legos and other building blocks available in the market which can only be joined from one or two sides, the Lini Cubes can be joined from all the four sides which results in more options of creative formations.

Since, the Lini cube do not have any defined top, side, or bottom, they can be used upside down and in more number of ways. These cubes can be moved within the formation which allows to create many unique buildings such as a fence with gates that open or close, a couch that converts to bed and much more. Through these amazing cubes, the user can also create a stairway, bunk bed or a balcony without the need to reassembling.

The whole production, Prototyping, molds, and packaging of the product will be done in Germany and the molds will be outsourced from the Chinese companies. To cover up the whole cost, Lini Cubes have also started a crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter with a goal of $150,000, that will be utilized in executing the project and launch Lini Cubes in market successfully. A number of perks are also available for the backers.

The building block cubes are surely loved by the children all over the world and they’re not just entertaining but also boost the creativity and learning process among the kids. Considering the same, it is expected that Lini Cubes will gain quite popularity in the market. 

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