The ultimate App for the guys or for the \’Bros\’

“Frustrated with the way your online game is going?  Taunted by those electronic profiles of hotness that goes nowhere? Do you feel like you would have a chance if you could just get in front of these girls? You’ve got so much confidence that you would destroy it like Hiroshima. But going out all the time and trying to figure out where to go is challenging.  One person is only capable of covering so much ground.   When the beaches of Normandy were stormed clearly there was more than one guy that got off the landing craft. It was a combined effort of many nations coming by land and sea.  So why are we trying to approach women any differently?


‘Cause bro let’s face it there is a war going on and the girls are currently winning. Hot girls are in control within the digital realm, but in the real World there is an equal playing field… well that was until now:

The bro alliance is an app that by utilizing check in API from Four Square we are able to isolate the location and the alliance is able to rate how hot the girls are.  With a feed interface the alliance is able to see where ratings have occurred, thereby, allowing your alliance to keep track of all the bros on the ground.

With search filters such as “Nearby” and “Hottest” one is able to navigate the app to give the location-rating-time, and the average hotness of the girls, thus, ensuring that your time in the field is maximized. 

Each bro will make a profile that has a pic and a username, but simply signing up does not make you a full bro.  You become bro by letting other bros know where the hot girls are by simply checking-into a location.  At the same time you’re rating the girls, as well as adding a comment and photos.

The Bro Alliance functionality includes:

• Keeping track of your friends and their location

• Live feed of all the rating in your city and the locations of the girls

• Competing with your friends because what’s better than that

• Push notifications when one of your friends makes a rating

Building an alliance of Friends for a sole purpose; uniting Bros from all over the world. The main goal here is to simply have fun and rate locations strictly on the hotness of girls. The ultimate App for the guys or should I say Bros. We believe that this App will reach lots of people by the simple nature of it. Going out and going to a place where there is a good rating for food is great, going out to a place with a top rating for good looking girls and good food is that much better. It’s a fun game for you and your closest friends.

This project started from a simple idea of locating good looking girls. Rating the hotness of the girls at a certain venue or location is fun, locating a venue that has a high rating for good looking girls is simple using this App.

This App is structured as a game that you compete with your Bros to receive the highest ranking badge. In this process you rank locationsyou visit. You can also add pictures to your rating that can be browsed under explore feature. Your Bros feature is something like a friend feature where you will also be notified when someone has made a rating and their location.

This app will be will be offered to public at no cost to the user. The release date is October 31st 2015 for Android and IOS. 

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Twitter: Thebroalliance

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Company Name: Bro Alliance
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