Aglowsoft SQL Query Tool Is Fast & Powerful Database Query Tool

With a feature-rich query setting and a great deal of DBA and developer tools, Aglowsoft SQL Query Tool is the perfect database product no matter whether you are a data researcher, DBA or developer. Aglowsoft SQL Query Tool is extremely fast and works on the low-level ODBC interface which operates effectively against the most basic database to the largest enterprise structure.

Databases are useless if you’re unable to quickly store data into them, and access the data back out again. There are many tools that allow you to layout a user interface that is paired to a database. Aglowsoft SQL Query Tool is one such SQL query tools that make database queries simple, easy and efficient. The program is designed with a user-friendly and innovative interface enabling you to construct various queries on diverse databases without the need for a thorough familiarity with SQL syntax.

Aglowsoft SQL Query tool has an extensive level of support for various databases servers and desktop-based sources. It offers access to the preferred database providers such as MS SQL, Oracle, MS Access and MySQL all natively. It includes three database tools – Aglowsoft Schema Tool, Aglowsoft Designer & Aglowsoft Browser.

The good thing about Aglowsoft SQL Query tool is that it makes the whole task of obtaining your data and SQL query building much easier than various other programs that set out to do the same task. With its user-friendly and effortless graphical interface, it also provides you with quick and simple access to all the data stored inside your database objects. This SQL query builder is visually structured, and will enable you to create complex queries without any trouble.

Making the tasks of transferring data and publishing it off possible, using this SQL query tool can make your work much easier. Attempting to perform these tasks manually is actually difficult at best, and many of the things that this tool can help you execute simply can’t be finished in any other way.

Key features:

  • Advanced control over query results
  • SQL editor along with syntax coloring
  • Diagram and data printing
  • Visualize Data Relationships
  • Extended SQL formatting in the editor
  • Convenient expression builder
  • Query schema window for complicated queries
  • Extract Data Relationships
  • Export result set to ODBC database table, XML or HTML format, Access 2000 database
  • Define Data Relationships
  • Build SQL queries in the form of tree views and table views
  • Result sets from SQL queries are shown in a combination form of tree views as well as table views
  • This program works jointly with any OLE DB and ODBC-compliant database
  • SQL statements supported include SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.
  • Includes Unicode support, support for ANSI inner and outer joins
  • Version 8.0 is a significant update featuring 64-bit support
  • One-click help model

A key feature of Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools is the potential to build SQL queries in the form of view definition tree, in which a path in the view definition tree unveils relationships concerning data from different tables. Aglowsoft SQL Query Tools works with any OLE DB and ODBC-compliant databases.

Aglowsoft Query Builder for SQL Server is a program that allows users to create complex SQL queries via a user-friendly visual query building interface effortlessly and without manual code writing. Visual SQL query tool is intended for simplification of creating SQL queries for SQLServer. A manifested SQL query designer will be helpful to those, who often generate queries to databases.

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