Brainstorm: What Kind of Toys Can Storm the Young Friends Group? – The One Like Airwheel M3 Drifting Electric Board

What kind of toys can storm the young friends group?

This is an era of intelligence and excitements. Young people living in such a wonderful era are the most difficult ones to be satisfied because they have enjoy much thrills which are offered by too many new intelligent products. So now, what kind of intelligent products can storm the young people groups once again? Airwheel tells us the answer with its M3 electric skateboards.

The toys which can be the next favourite toys for young people groups must be the ones which are fashionable, intelligent and powerful to satisfy young people’s needs of thrills and practicality. And Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboards are the vehicles that satisfy all these needs of young people.

M3 electric skateboards

M3 Drifting Electric Board as the fashionable toys. The whole design styles of M3 indicate that M3 are born to be the fashionable toys among young people. Skateboards have been one of the most favourite toys for young players. And the pasters on the standing boards satisfy players’ personalized tastes. Airwheel M3 perfectly inherits these advantages of traditional skateboards.

M3 electric wireless control skateboards as the intelligent toys. This time, Airwheel does not adopt the intelligent self-balancing control system in M3. Instead, Airwheel chose the remote control system that further reduces the difficulty of controls. M3 are control by the wireless control pad that is exclusively designed for M3. With just one finger riders can freely ride their M3 electric skateboards. This time the smart phone APP is also developed for M3. With the phone APP, riders can clearly see the real-time parameters of their vehicles on the phone screen. There are more intelligent functions to be discovered by M3 riders.

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M3 electric skateboards the helpful companions in one’s life. Though Airwheel M3 has similar sizes as traditional skateboards, they are still very powerful to bear the burden as heavy as 100kg because of the stable battery cores and powerful and efficient motor. Other vehicle modules like the shock absorption and modified wheels contribute to the stability and smoothness of M3 while running.

Airwheel M3 electric skateboards will be the new favourite toys for young people.


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