New Ensemble Series, The Reactors, Examines the Lives of Budding Actors

One of the most promising new television series, The Reactors, is being helmed by acclaimed veteran producer Richard Striebel and director Joseph Garza.  The Reactors is an ensemble drama that provides an insightful look at the lives of six young actors in Austin.  The series stars six actors with lives that mirror their stage characters, so the joys and disappointments they experience are often rooted in their personal experiences. The stars are Patrick Grover, Sarah Creel, Martina Ohlhauser, Kelsey Johnson, Amanda Phillips, and June Griffin Garcia; most of these actors have had distinguished careers with success on stage and screen.

The Reactors is being adapted from a screenplay written by Manny Rey, who has written successful shorts and feature films including Enemy of the Mind. Richard Striebel has been a commanding figure in the Austin film production scene since 1998 and has worked with major Hollywood filmmakers like the Coen Brothers, Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Rodriguez.  Director Joseph Garza has led an incomparable career in which he has served in a variety of directorial roles.  His breakout hit was a sci-fi film Coelum, which he produced with Striebel.

The latest collaboration between Garza and Striebel bears all the hallmarks of success that their past projects have been, but in order to produce a pilot that will possess the production value necessary for the broadest possible marketing, they are seeking funds from the public.  They are currently partnered with crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise $15,000, which will go towards acquiring film equipment, editing, musical composition, graphic design, marketing and film crew salaries.  The Reactors promises to be a powerful and compelling new drama but it requires financial support from fans to realize that enormous potential.

Financial contributors may receive a number of perks including tickets to the premiere, photos with the actors, film credits, small roles, and producer credits. To learn more about The Reactors, or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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