Manufacturer of DWDM Mux/DeMux, 100GHz DWDM Module and 200GHz DWDM Module – DK Photonics presents cost-effective fiber optic solutions for telecommunications and other service providers

“100GHz dense wavelength division multiplexer (DWDM) utilizes thin film coating technology and proprietary design of non-flux metal bonding micro optics packaging to achieve optical add and drop at the ITU wavelengths.”
Multiple fiber optic solutions allow telecommunications service providers to expand their networks without undergoing extensive investment in laying more fiber.

Shenzhen, China – DK Photonics is a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of some of the world’s state-of-the-art fiber optic solutions, including the company’s highly sought after DWDM Mux/DeMux, 100GHz DWDM Module and200GHz DWDM Module solutions. These solutions are produced at the company’s high-tech plant in China, where significant R&D investment has been made to develop innovative products that let the telecommunications industry expand their existing networks without investing too much in laying additional fiber. 

The company recently presented these products to a select gathering of industry experts and clients, highlighting a series of solutions that allow users to hang together multiple communications interfaces by sharing a single set of fiber strands.

The presentation was part of a series of events that are scheduled to promote the company’s diverse product offerings, including its DWDM Mux/DeMux, 100GHz DWDM Module and200GHz DWDM Module solutions. Presenters at the event noted that DK Photonics provides a wide selection of specialized OADMs for WDM systems, compact CWDM module and custom WDM solutions. Attendees were advised that these solutions are available for applications that go beyond the company’s existing product designs, and comprise of varied combinations of both CWDM and DWDM.

Delegates attending the event were introduced to one-of-a-kind solutions, including the company’s 100GHz DWDM Module and 200GHz DWDM Module. Used in conjunction with other technologies produced by DK Photonics, the audience was shown how communications service providers can deploy highly efficient strategies to share fiber strand resources by using varying wavelengths of light used by each channel. 

Executives presenting at the event, which was held at the company’s state of the art 13,900 square foot design and manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China, also briefed attendees about the company’s DWDM Mux/DeMux product capabilities.

Highlighting the salient features, senior engineering executives said that while Coarse wavelength solutions dealt with a smaller number of wavelengths, usually 8, the company’s DWDM (dense WDM) MUX/DEMUX are designed to accommodate anywhere between 40 to 80 wavelengths.

The experts further elaborated on the differences between the two solutions by stressing that, while CWDM dealt with wavelengths spaced in the 20nm area, DWDM solutions are positioned to handle wavelengths in a much narrower spectrum – anywhere in the 0.8nm, 0.4nm and even suitable for 0.2nm applications.

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