How Airwheel Makes M3 Electric hoverboard a Valuable Transport?

Why a great many people shrink back at the sight of buying skateboard, though they dream of owning one? Why skateboard is regarded as one of the coolest sports in the world but only a few have the courage to try? Airwheel launches M3 electric skateboard to dispel all the misgivings.

Skateboarding is a sheer enjoyment and entertainment. No one can imagine that how many people dream of possessing a skateboard and showing their talents. However, very few of them actually buy a skateboard. On one hand, skateboard can only be used as a toy, which is not practical in daily life. On the other hand, skateboarding has a great many dangers, which cause injuries. Airwheel launches M3, an electric skateboard, and transforms the stereotype of the skateboard, from a toy to a useful transport, which makes the skateboarding dream possible.

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A convenient transport

Admittedly, the traditional skateboard is designed for amusement, not for conveyance because it is simply driven by manpower. A long-distance travel or a steep upward slope makes the conventional skateboard ruined. Airwheel electric skateboard M3 changes this situation. Powered by electricity, Airwheel M3 reaches the highest speed 18 km/h and covers a short or medium distance travel, with the help of the imported Sony battery. Airwheel makes a revolution and turns a toy to a convenient transport, which meets the need of many commuters.

Control M3 by oneself

One of the most splendid parts of the Airwheel M3 is that its handheld wireless remoter, which enables the riders to control the skateboards at any time, as they want, within effective distance ten meters. It is also called self-balancing air board. One can easily control Airwheel M3 to go forward or backward. The user totally handles every aspect of his or her skateboard.

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The safest skateboard ever

One of the doubts of skateboarding is that it is tough to control the skateboard, so user is easily hurt. Airwheel purposes to offer the harmless and the most contented riding experience. With the help of the high-qualified Cheng Shin Tire, M3 takes better skid resistance and stronger ground-gripping effect, which diminishes the risks. The front and rear wheels are equipped with TPU material damper mass, which makes the riding experience more smoothly. This is what makes M3 stronger and safer.

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