Celebrate Halloween at “Happy Halloween Night” with Free Millybridal Prom Dresses

Millybridal throws a party named “Happy Halloween Night” at Halloween. The party is a big success. Everyone has a great time there and gets surprises – beautiful prom dresses.

Halloween is a great festival for everyone. Adults can wear special clothes and do weird makeup in public while children can play some fun games and get candy. Everyone gets fun on that day. To let customers have a better time, Millybridal throws a Halloween party.

Sometimes people need to think about the theme of their parties, but at Millybridal’s “Happy Halloween Night” there is no theme. Everyone can dress like any people or any things they want, zombie Harry Potter or Hollywood movie characters. If they find there is no suitable apparel, they can ask Millybridal for help. About two months before the party starts, there is a notice at the top of their website uk.millybridal.org. People, no matter if they have registered at Millybridal, can click on it and come to the page for more information about the party. People can see the exact date, place and rules about the party in the notice. And the most importantly, people can apply for free Halloween party dresses.

Anyone who has an account just needs to fill the form and wait for the result. Unlike the flash sale, ladies can attach the link of their favourite dresses to the form. They can choose any dress on the website, no matter the collection of Prom Dresses UK or Wedding Dresses UK collection. Every day, one customer, which means one account, one phone number, one name and one address, can be the lucky girl to get her desirous dress. And during the activity, each customer can have one chance to get Millybridal dresses. And the free dress achieving activity ends half a month before the party so that Milybridal can get enough time to produce prom dresses or wedding dresses and deliver them to these lucky ladies.

Before entering the party hall, each one gets a number card and a cute pumpkin. The party queen will be selected according to the card and the pumpkin. In the hall, there will be a place for people to vote for the party queen by using the pumpkin. Also, there will be a lot of traditional games such as apple bobbing and some other cute games. Delicious Halloween food is also offered at the party which absolutely make kids smile all night long.

Before the party ends, the “zombie bride” Jenna wins the greatest prize as the party queen. Besides Jenna, some ladies win some beautiful wedding dresses or prom dresses. All the people present get cute Halloween presents at the party.

Halloween is over, but Christmas is coming. What will Millybridal do at the Christmas? 

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