In Response to Reports of Business Failures, Brian McConnell Reveals 5 Keys to Surviving Your First Year

Successful entrepreneur and small business authority Brian McConnell of The Cash Flow Pro reveals how businesses can dramatically increase odds of success and escape becoming a failure statistic by implementing specific steps and systems while building a prospering business.

HENDERSON, NV – In his recent contribution to a book co-authored with Jack Canfield, McConnell discusses how start-up businesses can build a solid foundation that could increase their chances of beating the reported business failure statistics. Such guidance helps budding entrepreneurs break through the terror barrier often experienced when launching a new venture.

“Striking out on your own is a whirlwind of learning experiences, stumbling blocks, sleepless nights and creative financial manipulation to stay afloat,” says McConnell. “I only wish someone had given me some guidance on specifics to start a business before we began and so I’m stepping up to the plate to do exactly that.”

Michael Gerber, called by Inc. Magazine “the World’s #1 Small Business Guru”, insists that the key to the long-term viability of a business is a time tested recipe and process, a system, that will help those who own their own businesses succeed.

“Truly what is missing in most businesses are people who understand the relationship between all of the component parts of our lives which are systems,” says Gerber. “Build a great system and you can accomplish any specific task or result that you wish to accomplish.”

The first year of a startup can be very scary. While there are literally hundreds of resources available that provide direction in the rote tasks of starting a business, building a sustainable business can be more of an art than a science. The nuances of how to achieve a goal vs. what to do can make all the difference between success and failure.  McConnell shares the benefits of his knowledge, experience and results.

McConnell’s methods are not only theory as he has been delivering this service to burgeoning business owners for years.

“With his help I was able to break through the fear and gain confidence which has enormously increased my bottom line and profitability,” said Reese Brown, owner of an electrical contracting company in Las Vegas, NV.

Derek Beauchamp of Prescott, AZ added, “Being able to see the logic of the simple path outlined by McConnell shored up my confidence in my own ability to build my business and my team. Having the capacity to see how each step impacted the process made it easier to accomplish each phase along the way.”

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