Boogli – Quirky, unique charging docks with mobile app turn everyday activities into unexpected fun

Charging our mobile devices is a necessary but boring process. Our goal was to redefine the charging experience and enable it to captivate attention, add fun, become memorable and feel like less of a chore.  We wanted to make it not just functional, but more enjoyable and entertaining. So we created Boogli – a patented charging dock and mobile app system designed to bring delight into your ordinary daily routines. At the heart of Boogli is the unique personality and quirky sidekick who brings unexpected fun into your family’s day. Connect your mobile device to a Boogli character and watch it come to life!

Because Boogli is an extension of your phone, it becomes a friend, an alarm clock, a singer and so much more.  For example, there are also features that are great for children. Currently, Boogli can help in training a little one who tends to wake up too early in the morning. You can set your character to become a certain color at a specific time and tell your child “do not get up or come out of your room until Boogli turns pink.”  In addition, if funded, we will create educational apps that tie directly to Boogli (i.e. character lights or up tells children good job or good try when they answer questions, etc.).

Boogli began a Kickstarter campaign operating under an “all-or-nothing” funding model; meaning, if the Boogli project does not reach its goal at the end of 30 days, then it might be years before it will be on the market. To follow the Team’s progress, look for Boogli on Twitter (@madebyboogli) and Facebook (Boogli) and also spread the word to your social media networks.  Consider donating as little as $1 to bring the project to life.  If you decide to donate even more, you might be among the first in the world to have a Boogli!

If you would like more information about the Boogli project or would like to schedule a meeting with creator Todd Rice, please email or send a tweet to @madebyboogli.

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Media Contact
Company Name: Boogli
Contact Person: Todd Rice
Phone: 703.582.0906
Country: United States