TAVARES, FL – 04 Nov, 2015 – For women and men considering divorce, or that currently pay alimony, the alimony laws in Florida are addressed in Title VI, Chapter 61.08.

Unfortunately, the statute is antiquated and there’s a wide spectrum of interpretation applied into judgments – keeping upstanding citizens – women and men – in court for years battling abusive alimony, and in some cases, permanent alimony, or financial commitments that are at times up to 100% of their income.

Worse, Florida’s citizens are shackled with alimony payments they cannot financially make – by laws that ignore reduced income in retirement – medical and handicapped exceptions – when the other party does not want to work or retool, and earn income – or when the other party is financially supported by a live-in partner.

A dentist paying $3,500 per month in lifetime alimony recently stated, “I am a women who was in a traditional marriage which ended in divorce and was sentenced with permanent alimony to an ex-husband who refused to work.  We live in an age where everyone can, and should, work to support themselves.  Just because some couples choose to have one parent stay at home with the children, does not entitle anyone to such a privileged lifestyle.”

This is why Florida Alimony Reform, a non-profit organization, was created – to pursue changes to laws that have punished Floridians – creating unbelievable horror stories – modifications for those receiving alimony but not for those paying it – and modifications for those paying alimony when alimony should be terminated, ignoring existing law that passes the litmus test for alimony termination.

To contribute feedback on the laws that your politicians are drafting, participate in surveys and provide perspectives on your alimony case, please follow us on Facebook at FloridaAlimonyReform.com, and on Twitter.com/AlimonyReformFL

To make a donation to support Florida’s evolving legislative movement improving alimony for Florida’s women and men, please donate online at FixAlimony.com – send checks to Florida Alimony Reform, 215 E. Burleigh Boulevard, Tavares, Florida 32778 – or call 800-239-0867 with questions.

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