Baby Wraps Provide Safe and Convenient Alternative for Mothers

ATLANTA, GA – 04 Nov, 2015 – Lovely Baby Wraps now provides mothers a safe, effective, and nurturing way to take babies with them on the go, around the house, or even to work. Their high quality baby wraps have been proven to create numerous benefits not only for the mother, but also for the baby.

“We are so excited to provide this product on our Amazon store for mothers around the world,” says Samantha Johnson of Lovely Baby Wraps. “Our product now provides a wonderful alternative to strollers and other baby carrying products. There is not an alternative that provides the benefits that our lovely wraps provide, like allowing the baby to be closer to the parent.”

These baby wraps are convenient because they do not require any additional buckles, rings, or fasteners. It allows the mother to go everywhere with her baby without fearing whether the baby can fit through crows or doorways in a stroller or other carrier. Having the baby so close to the mother’s chest promotes maximum bonding time for the child as well. Studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they will cry in the future. Additionally, these wraps will also help with a baby’s physical development based on studies that correlate physical development with being held on a frequent basis.

Johnson says, “Our baby wraps are also extremely cost effective and are shipped with free two-day shipping via Amazon Prime. It is a no brainer for parents and our excellent reviews prove this very fact. Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars for a stroller that does not include health benefits for the baby, when they can obtain a safer, less expensive, and convenient product that contributes to the baby’s development?”

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