Symbi Safari® – Creating The World’s First Fair Trade Safari – Now Booking For July, 2016

NEW YORK, NY – 04 Nov, 2015 – Symbi Safari, is the world’s first owner-operated, solar-run, employee-empowering, mobile-tented safari camp in the Serengeti. This special safari camp was founded with a reverent spirit and a revolutionary objective: to create a thrilling, socially-conscious and surprisingly accessible safari experience, that not only feeds the spirit of adventure, but also empowers the lives of those who stand at the heart of it: their hardworking Tanzanian staff and community. On a Symbi Safari, you will witness the largest congregation of migrating mammals most people only dream of witnessing, and leave with a new perspective of the world around you.

After years of experiencing numerous Tanzanian safaris firsthand, the creators of Symbi Safari had always been struck by the tragically unfair system that has marred the industry for over a hundred years – a system that tolerates and neglects the hard-working Tanzanian staff and their families that make it all possible. While the typical safari owner does provide needed employment for surrounding communities, it does not compensate its workers in a way that will effectively empower or support growth in the employee’s life. An older generation of wealthy tourists and safari owners still reap the benefits of a system dependent on hard working African labor and exploitation. The most glaring issues include:

• Unacceptably low wages

• Lack of health insurance coverage

• Lack of family education support

• Disrespect

• Insufficient on-sight living quarters

At Symbi Safari, they’ve created a culture for change with a new system of safari labor. Their luxurious safaris provide a higher value than most, without it being at the expense of the workers or the environment. They empower their employees with the tools and opportunity needed to operate, and take ownership over their work and lives. All of their employees are provided with the following benefits:

• Fair pay

• Free Health Insurance

• Free Education for their children

• Free Career & life-skills classes

• Dignified on-site living quarters

• De-segregated employee / guest experiences

This was how a safari should be run: A healthy, symbiotic system that would nurture everyone involved: feeding the safari goers’ adventurous spirit, protecting the wildlife, and empowering the Tanzanian staff and community with the benefits they’ve been denied for too long – fair pay, comprehensive health care and quality education for their children.

With the circle of life providing the blueprints of our dream-safari, Symbi Safari imagined an entirely new breed of African adventure, opening the Serengeti’s door to a new generation of socially conscious adventure seekers.

By introducing an entirely new system of safari labor, Symbi Safari employees maintain a feeling of security, respect, and appreciation which allows them to focus on crafting even more of an amazing experience for all of their guests.

Come Discover The World’s First Fair Trade Safari!

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