Synthetic Sidekick Publishes New Guide To The Best Synthetic Urine of 2015 has authored a new editorial reviewing what it claims could be the best synthetic urine product of 2015, capable of fooling almost all known drug tests.

Drug tests are becoming ever more popular in the workplace, and this is proving controversial. Many believe that their personal, recreational choices made outside of the workplace should not be punished by jeopardizing careers. As such, those people are looking for an alternative to pass the drug tests. Synthetic Sidekick is a website committed to helping people do this by offering reviews, news and editorials on synthetic urine (, as well as ways to try and pass mouth swab, hair follicle and blood tests. The site has just published a review of Quick Fix Plus 6.1, which it names the best synthetic urine of 2015.

In the latest review, Quick Fix Plus 6.1 has been named the best synthetic urine on the market today. The review describes how synthetic urine itself is designed to work and explains the shortcomings and disadvantages of using the products, before describing how Quick Fix Plus 6.1 has overcome these drawbacks to become the most effective synthetic urine on the market.

The review also offers a buying guide, describing how to spot counterfeit products and cheap knock offs that can land individuals in hot water. The reviewer has even researched coupon codes to help users get a discount on the product itself. 

A spokesperson for explained, “We are proud of the work we do on this site, helping individuals maintain some agency instead of having their every day behavior dictated to them by employers who are already demanding an increasing share of their personal time and lifestyles with higher workloads and stagnant pay. Quick Fix Plus 6.1 is of course a last resort, and no synthetic urine has a 100% success rate, but taking a urine test unaided is a guarantee of failure for many, so this synthetic alternative gives them a fighting chance of getting through the screening without the drama.”

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Synthetic Sidekick is an online resource center committed to helping individuals find the best synthetic assistance in passing employee drug tests. The site regularly updates with reviews, editorials and strategy guides on how to pass these tests cleanly and maintain a career without being punished for personal choices.

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