Um Novo Me Launches With New Guide To XtraSize, The Newest Fitness Supplement To Hit Brazil has launched with a review and a buying guide for XtraSize, a product newly available in Brazil that is helping men improve their appearance.

Men across the world are always looking for a way to get an edge in life, and to maximize the progress they make through the work they put in to be fitter, healthier and have a better quality of life. As a result, men are always looking for supplements that will improve their appearance and performance. Newly launched Um Novo Me ( is a website dedicated to helping men in Brazil do just that, with regular articles on the latest supplements. Their newest publication is an editorial on XtraSize, a new supplement just released in Brazil.

The new investigation of XtraSize includes a detailed analysis of how it works, what claims the manufacturers make for their product, how well the product lives up to those claims and where individuals can buy the product at the best price possible. The guide is comprehensive and easy to read, written in Portuguese for the native Brazilian audience. 

XtraSize is no ordinary health supplement however, but promises to repair and regenerate damaged nerves, increasing the metabolism, stimulating muscle growth and repair while at the same time increasing performance, making it one of the ultimate supplements available for men.

A spokesperson for explained, “Um Novo Me is pleased to be able to report that XtraSize has some astonishing capabilities for men looking to improve their overall appearance. What’s more, we have included a comprehensive buying guide that will help people source the product at the best possible price while avoiding the many scams and counterfeits that have popped up ahead of the official release of the product in Brazil. We are now in a position to benefit from the genuine article, which we have reviewed in depth. The supplement has proven extremely effective, and we recommend it.”

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