Esforço Máximo Launches Reporting On Record Sales Of Somatodrol In Brasil, Making It Best Selling Fitness Supplement

Esforço Máximo has reported record sales figures for Somatodrol, a fitness supplement that helps fitness enthusiasts maximize the visible results from their workout.

Hypertrophy is a state that individuals can induce by suddenly pushing themselves to their limits and staying there, causing the body to create a dramatic response and throw all its resources into the creation of new muscle. This has can have a dramatic effect on individuals looking to transform their bodies, but must be supported by the right nutrients and hormones. Somatodrol is a new supplement that aims to provide everything individuals need to induce hypertrophy, and is now being reviewed by recently launched website Esforço Máximo ( as the product becomes available for the first time in Brasil.

Somatodrol’s active ingredients include GRTH factor, L-Arginine, Guarena, Beta-Alanine and Vitamin B12, all essential to supporting sudden and dramatic muscle growth. The ingredients are derived from natural sources to ensure they remain side effect free, and the product comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

Esforço Máximo has published a comprehensive investigation of Somatodrol, analyzing its active ingredients, assessing the claims made by the manufacturer and experiencing the product for themselves to see how those claims stack up against reality. The editorial also includes a buying guide and even information on coupon codes and discounts.

A spokesperson for explained, “We have undertaken a course of Somatodrol and found that the results are really and genuinely impressive. We have photographic evidence in our article that shows what a dramatic difference this kind of supplement can make, but it will only produce results with the right amount of work. Individuals should always be aware that these supplements are only ever useful if they use up all of their existing internal stores, which takes a lot of hard work. The results however are well worth it, and with Somatodrol, individuals will never run out of the raw materials needed for massive muscle gains.”

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