Fall Planting Bare Root Trees and Shrubs Saves On Time and Care

Landscape your property this fall planting bare root trees and shrubs. Bare root plants are easier to plant, care for and provide great savings in landscape cost.

GreenwoodNursery.com announces fall planting season for home gardeners and homeowners who are looking to add to their landscape with shade trees and flowering shrubs.

Fall planting for bare root trees and shrubs generally begins the latter part of October to mid-November for most areas of the country.  Bare root plants are considerably easier to plant, require less watering and care than traditional container plants. Plus, bare root trees and shrubs provide great plant savings.

“Not too many years ago, it was only the serious home gardener who did fall planting,” notes Cheryl Jones, President of Greenwood Nursery. “Now, there are new homeowners stepping out of their comfort zone and fall planting, too.” Jones adds, “Nursery growers typically dig plants in fall only when the weather has cooled enough to encourage the trees and shrubs to begin the dormancy process. That is when it is safe to dig, ship and transplant,” says Jones, “watering occasionally so the soil doesn’t dry out and providing good rich compost mix instead of bark mulch is about all that is needed to make fall planted bare root trees and shrubs happy. The ground is still warm allowing the plants to produce some new root growth before winter. Then, in late winter to early spring as the ground begins to warm the roots will wake up and begin producing new growth much earlier than if planted later in spring.”


GreenwoodNursery.com ships home gardening plants from their online plant catalog throughout the contiguous United States and Alaska. After taking their catalog online in 1998, Greenwood Nursery continues to provide a wide selection of shade trees, perennial plants, flowering shrubs, ground covers, small fruiting plants and more for the home gardener. They supply their customers with beautiful healthy plants and expert customer service. Take advantage of their Weekly Specials and Monthly Value Pages for exceptional fall savings.

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