Patrick Mahony Organizes the International Mahony day

Patrick Mahony, a software developer working as a freelance consultant out of Manchester has decided to establish the International Mahony Day, the first edition of which is planned for January 13 2016.

Whenever he would google himself, Patrick Mahony would be amused and intrigued at the important number of other individuals also named Patrick Mahony. Originally from Belfast, his grandfather migrated to America (Boston), where he and his father were born, before moving to Manchester. It then occurred to him that like him, many descendants of the “Mahony clan”, as he affectionately calls it, must have had diverse and fascinating journeys and stories to tell.

The name had a connotation of nobility and dates back to over a thousand years and its origin can be traced back to West Munster, a regional medieval kingdom. Its original – non-anglicized – version is Mathghamhana (Old Gaelic).

Today, Patrick Mahony shares his patronym with over 2 million people around the world. “I know of at least 6 other Patrick Mahony guys in the U.S., Ireland, Canada and the UK. It would be amazing to get them all together,” explained the young IT professional.

A website is in the making, and registrations will start by the end of November 2015. Unfortunately, attendance will be capped at 500 people, as it will need to be properly coordinated.

He plans to send the first symbolic invitation to Patrick Mahony, a British psychoanalyst. The event will be held in Dublin. The choice of venue is still to be determined, but the city was selected for its historical relevance and its wealth of cultural and entertainment features.

All Mahonies and O’Mahonies from around the world are invited to look out for this unique event and join in on the festivities to discover their orginis!

For more information, please contact Patrick Mahony at:

+44 7732 960941

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Contact Person: Patrick Mahony
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