Getting into Google News (Guaranteed) Revealed

LOS ANGELES, CA – 04 Nov, 2015 – Digital marketing professionals, particularly SEO (search engine optimization) managers and consultants, have scratched their heads for years pondering how to get clients into Google News. There are services out there that advertises getting you into Google News but we recommend steering clear from these services because most of them rely on shady search engine manipulation practices that can damage your site’s search rankings overtime.

There are two primary legitimate methods of getting into Google News:

Method 1 is to own a pre-existing news content website or create one from scratch that follows all of Google’s news guidelines, technical guidelines and quality guidelines – this can be extremely time consuming and expensive, especially if your goal is to get your business into Google News without the want of owning and operating an online news network yourself.

Method 2 is to go through a press release distribution service that provides guaranteed syndication into Google News. They already have these pre-existing relationships with not one but many news content sites that get syndicated into Google News.

We recommend going with Press Release Jet, which costs $19 – with no hidden fees – for their Standard press release distribution. They provide guaranteed placement on Google News, Bing News, Google, Bing and Yahoo, along with 150+ media sites.

In conclusion, we recommend going with Method 2 for most marketers and business owners that want to get into Google News. And if you go through Press Release Jet, you will not only get into Google News but other news search engines as well as hundreds of TV/radio news sites, major newspaper websites and industry journals.

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