Is eating Amazon’s lunch?

MELBOURNE, FL – 04 Nov, 2015 – The electronic on line retailer has formed a strategic alliance with a fortune 500 corporation; it is the leading business process Service Company, servicing resellers and original equipment manufacturers, or EEMs, in multiple regions around the world. The company’s primary business process services are wholesale distribution and business outsourcing or BPO.  Founded in 1980 it employs 50,000 full time and part time associates in location around the world, including the United States, India, Philippines, China and the United Kingdom. has now access to over 90,000 technology products from more than 300 IT, CE and OEM suppliers to more than 1 million consumer around the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico. is basing its success thanks to the showrooming phenomenon where consumers goes to brick and mortars stores to check out TVs, Smartphones or Tablets… only to buy them on line instead from or others e-commerce web sites such or Best Buy, etc.

“ is a private company therefore not need to work with big profit margins, 3 to 5% suffice to cover our overhead and to generate a small profit margin while our competitors are working with margin between 15 to 20% to please wall street investors, this is the reason why we are and we will be always cheaper than  our competitors, plus the fact that our strategic partners are drop shipping for us and we have no need anymore to maintain big distribution centers across the United States and the world,” said David Paul VP of Operation at

Look carefully at to find out which deals are sold in limited quantities, which deals are online exclusives and what time each deal begins. The web site offers free shipping on most of our products. ® The Largest Shopping Mall On The Planet (™)

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