Passfeed is Popular among the Young People, Get to Know Why

Just like most social media apps, the young people mostly in high school and college are the most likely users. These young people are at the point of their life where they need to make as many friends as possible. There is always that desire to interact with many people, especially of the opposite sex. Passfeed is the newest but still a popular social app that has got many youths all over America and the world interacting each time of the day.

An interview with the Passfeed CEO  on Forbes revealed that most people using the app are between the ages 18 to 24 years. Mr. Richard Wang, the CEO explained that most of these users are always looking for an app that can take of their social needs at all times. Passfeed app takes care of the many limitations that are often exhibited by most social app. There is no doubt that the young people would love an app that is sleek, great design and more importantly helps them connect with other people. The stated age group contributes to close to 48 percentage of the Passfeed users. If you have a teenager in your house, probably he or she is on Passfeed right now.

With the young people taking the majority of the shared pie, where does this leave the others? Most people who are over 24 years would like to know where they fall when it comes to sharing the usage of Passfeed. For the ages 25 to 34 years, their usage is rated at 35 percent. That is still a huge percentage as most people would expect that people above the age of 25 would go slow on chatting online. That does not seem to be the case for Passfeed apps dating based on the number of people it is pulling in daily. It is easy to say that Passfeed is yet to reach its threshold when it comes to gaining more users.

The remaining 18 percent is shared among the people who are over 35 years. Even if it is a low percentage, it does not mean these people are not active on Passfeed. You are likely to get all types of people having a great time chatting with their Passfeed friends. The circle of Passfeed is growing each day as more and more people are joining the app daily. Once someone is satisfied with what the app has to offer, the next thing would be that more of his or her friends would be joining the app.

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About Passfeed

Passfeed is and will remain the best social app in America and the whole world. This is all attributed to the many features that the app has to offer to its users. Most of the time people are always for new friends, with Passfeed, you can connect with more people from your area or other parts of the world.

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