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Since 2006, when crowdfunding first began, thousands of entrepreneurs, non-profits and organizations have tried to convince the public that their vision is worth supporting. The unfortunate truth is that less than a quarter of crowdfunding projects get the funding they seek, and most generate less than $10,000. Although crowdfunding seems like an easier way to obtain capital, many of the same constraints that limit financing from other channels also apply. To be successful on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you must have a viable concept, industry support and media attention.

To separate your campaign from the rest of the herd – there are thousands of competitors relentlessly seeking those same dollars – you need to employ every advantage at your disposal. Your idea may be sheer brilliance, but without exposure in a variety of media outlets, you are unlikely to make much of an impact on the public consciousness. One of the most successful ways of obtaining the critical media exposure you need is to hire a savvy crowdfunding consultancy like GetMeCrowdfunded.

GetMeCrowdfunded is an industry leader that has proven time and again that a great idea can find financial support if it is properly promoted. With a track record of more than $2 million raised for its clients, GetMeCrowdfunded uses its vast expertise to help promising crowdfunding projects connect with individuals, journalists and social media communities. GetMeCrowdfunded leverages its strong relationships with major news organizations and marketing groups to elevate the profile of crowdfunding sponsors so that their idea can earn the attention it deserves.

This organization includes some of the most accomplished professionals in their respective fields. Writers, marketers and technical experts enable GetMeCrowdfunded to maintain total control of a project so that every stage of the campaign is fully optimized. Among the channels that the firm uses to maximize success are Press Release distribution, Facebook and Twitter outreach, and regular client reporting. With packages from $197 to $698, crowdfunding campaigns can reach from 60,000 up to more than half a million potential backers.

If you are about to create a crowdfunding project, then it is extremely important that you have experienced professionals who know how to fully realize your potential. GetMeCrowdfunded is the industry authority that can help your concept secure the funding necessary to become an operational reality.

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