Hire a Lobbyist Website Provides Affordable Advocacy Services for Small Businesses and Associations

WASHINGTON, D.C. – 04 Nov, 2015 – Lobbying services are now affordable for small businesses and associations with the launch of http://hirealobbyist.com. This government relations website has been launched by 11:59 Media and Public Affairs to provide lobbying services to businesses and associations at an affordable cost.

“We are simply trying to provide a cost-effective, advocacy alternative for small to medium sized businesses and associations,” says Mitchell Baroody, CEO of 11:59 Media and Public Affairs. “There is still a solid place in the political advocacy market for traditional lobbying firms that cater to big business, so our goal is not to diminish their efforts. We created this firm to provide an affordable alternative because there is a staggering number of smaller businesses and associations that go unrepresented before elected officials because of the substantial costs associated with retaining one of these traditional firms.”

Businesses and associations can now receive assistance in having their voices heard before elected officials at prices starting lower than one thousand dollars a month. This pricing model comes with a breath of fresh air for an industry that has consistently provided double to triple digit monthly retainer fees for clients that cannot always afford what is on the price tag.

Baroody says, “Large interest groups have had free reign for years, while smaller businesses and associations have slowly lagged behind without representation. We are providing our services to help create an equal level of play. Our firm is about ensuring everyone has a voice and representation no matter how small you are or what your budget is.”

11:59 Media and Public Affairs is already established as a “behind the scenes” leader in public relations services for small businesses, celebrities, politicians and even multi-national corporations. This firm is now setting itself apart in the government relations industry because of their background in public relations. Their unique approach to government relations encompasses a fusion of expert public relations with zealous advocacy for each client.

“Political advocacy is about more than simply meeting with a Member of Congress or tracking legislation for a client,” Baroody explains. “It is also about ensuring we paint a picture for each client across numerous media channels that accurately and ethically displays their highest potential and highlights each unique voice.”

To learn more about 11:59’s public affairs services, visit http://hirealobbyist.com

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