Innovative Rack Mount CWDM Module, LGX CWDM Mux/DeMux and Duplex CWDM Module solutions from DK Photonics set to spur new wave of multiplexing technology growth

“CWDM include CWDM mux/demux module and CWDM OADM module. The common configuration of CWDM mux/demux module is 2CH, 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 18CH CWDM mux/demux module. Single fiber or dual fiber connection for CWDM Mux/demux are available.”
Manufacturer of high-tech fiber optic components offers high potential, low-cost, high reliability solutions for multi channel communication applications.

Shenzhen, China – As one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of highly sophisticated fiber optic components for telecommunications and networking applications, including Rack Mount  CWDM Module, LGX CWDM Mux/DeMux and Duplex  CWDM Module; DK Photonics is poised to become part of the solution for the impending surge in the industry’s expansion globally.

Senior executives at the company made this assertion at a company-hosted conference held recently at their sprawling state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, China. One of the highlights of the event was how DK Photonics is positioning itself to support its global clients.

With demand for the company’s products, including Rack Mount CWDM Module, LGX CWDM Mux/DeMux and Duplex CWDM Module, set to grow dramatically, the company is continuing to invest heavily on R&D to deliver new and innovative solutions.

Explaining the challenges faced by the industry, a senior engineering executive noted that: “Today, networks hosting multiple use voice, data and video applications are extremely complex. They crave high bandwidth and exceptional transmission speeds over longer distances than ever before.”

Because many of the existing communications networks have already reached their designed capacities, viable options for expansion are either very limited or completely exhausted. Laying additional fiber is not a cost-effective option, according to industry experts.

According to the company, Wave Division Multiplexing (WDM) technologies offered by DK Photonics, including it’s including Rack Mount CWDM Module, LGX CWDM Mux/DeMux and Duplex CWDM Module, are ideally positioned to support service providers, governments and private corporations overcome the limitations they currently face.

DK Photonics engineers noted that, equipped with these solutions, clients are able to use a single fiber to multiplex several optical signals using various colors or wavelengths. The net result of making use of components like the company’s Rack Mount CWDM Module, LGX CWDM Mux/DeMux and Duplex CWDM Module, is that available (existing) fiber capacity will experience a multiplication effect – breathing new life into current infrastructure.

Speaking on the occasion, the Company’s senior engineers confirmed that while clients are already heavily using components like the Rack Mount CWDM Module, LGX CWDM Mux/DeMux and Duplex CWDM Module; DK Photonics offers its customers a wide range of other highly cost-effective and innovative Bi-Directional Wave Division Multiplexing (BWDM), Coarse Wave Division Multiplexing (CWDM), and Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) solutions as well. 

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