Twiddler3 Is The Greatest Mobile Input Device To Hit The Tech Market

Twiddler3 is absolutely one of the smallest, lightest, easiest, and fastest input devices in existence.
Twiddler is a handheld, ergonomic, on-the-go keyboard and mouse used with a wide variety of today’s brand new mobile and wearable devices. has never reviewed a mobile input device of Twiddler’s caliber. Far ahead of its time and The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) should take notice of this remarkable product. It is sleek, powerful, and has the functionality of a full-sized keyboard and mouse in one hand. Supporting any language, Twiddler3 stands out from the rest, making it one unique mobile input device: it comes in two colors, matte black and arctic white, it can wirelessly connect to any Bluetooth device, and also connects via USB for wired connections. This device is paving way for mobile input devices and has the world of technology at its fingertips.

Wearables are Revolutionary!

Wearables are here in a big way; technology has become an added fashion piece to almost any wardrobe. Mobile phones can be coated in gold, digital watches can change face’s from Rolex to Bulgari (or even check your pulse), and Smart Glasses can now browse the web. How does Twiddler3 play a factor into these wearables? It is the physical keyboard they are all missing. The Twiddler3 makes it easier to access a wireless network without the use of voice commands, not having to strain thumbs using tablets or mobile phones to write texts and emails, or having to use a mobile device to be a virtual keyboard for digital watches.

In a nutshell, Twiddler3 lets you type and navigate with extreme effectiveness, and with the built-in mouse feature, allows the user to multitask with the least amount of effort. Compatible with mobile phones, smartwatches, tablets, and almost anything wearable, using the Twiddler3 is as simple as a pressing a button.

Looking Cool While Twiddling

Using Twiddler3 is more than twiddling your thumbs; its ergonomic styling improves your digital life. Traditional keyboards force hands into unnatural positions and cause discomfort to the wrists and fingers, possibly leading to carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. However, the Twiddler3 was designed to fit in either hand for optimal comfort. The unique shape fits comfortably in most hand sizes and shapes. The efficient design minimizes unnecessary, awkward hand movements and hand positions; eases the strain on fingers, hands, and wrists, while allowing the fingers to move freely in a more natural and comfortable position. This is perfect for people on the go.

Twiddler3 is absolutely one of the smallest, lightest, easiest, and fastest input devices in existence. It is so comfortable and intuitive to use that the user will almost forget that they are using it. Twiddler3 surpasses other input devices that would be difficult to carry, take along on trips or use in a business or casual environment. Twiddler3 is absolutely by far the best mobile input device to hit the market – nothing can compare. It is the world’s best one-handed keyboard!

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