Exclusive Employment Law Marketing Cheat Sheet Officially Released

An industry leader in leads and marketing has released a new system in which any employment lawyer can follow to attract new leads for their firm.

Los Angeles, California – November 05, 2015 – The lifeblood of any business, especially legal firms, is leads and converting those leads into existing clients, and thanks to a newly released employment law marketing cheat sheet, employment lawyers across the nation now have a tested, proven and easy way to attract new leads for their firm.

“We have spent two years and over a million dollars in marketing to perfect our proprietary system,” said Rey Antonio, Director of Marketing. “We’re very excited to make this available to any and all employment lawyers looking to expand their firm by having a consistent marketing method that attracts quality new leads.”

Antonio explained that his company’s exclusive “Employment Law Marketing Cheat Sheet” is a direct and easy-to-understand blueprint.

“We paid the price in time and money to figure out exactly what works and what does not work,” Antonio stressed, before adding, “Now the lawyer using our system will not need to figure out the hard way like we did but will be able to “plug and pay” right into our proven system.”

The system, which is specifically geared toward those currently spending approximately $5,000 a month on marketing but are looking for more or better results, can be accessed at: http://lawfirmwebsitecheatsheet.com

“This is a working system that attracts leads to the law firm without unpredictability,” Antonio pointed out. “Clients pay the monthly fee and receive the leads. The best thing about it is that there’s no extra work or headache on their part.”

When those interested in trying the new system log on to the site, according to Antonio, they will have the opportunity to receive a free template and video that reveals how to convert their existing firm’s website from an online brochure to a lead generation engine and receive three times more phone calls and leads in one hour or less. They will also discover the six psychological triggers that build instant trust and authority with their prospect. In addition to that, they will be empowered with the five conversion elements that work together to increase employment law leads three to 10 times more.

Law firms that are currently using this system have given it high marks, as one user identified as Attorney John F, said he couldn’t be happier with the results, and that he highly recommends it.

“Calls started to come in steady and quickly,” he recalled. “The new influx in business allowed me to expand my practice by hiring two more attorneys.”

For more information, please visit: http://lawfirmwebsitecheatsheet.com

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