New Horror Film “La Chincana” Will Shock and Terrify Audiences

One of the most popular subgenres in the field of horror films is the “found footage” movies in which the lost video is found, and one of the favorite settings of these films is Latin America. A new horror film entitled “La Chincana” uses this familiar setup to create a chilling and deeply suspenseful film that explores wholly new levels of human depravity and unnatural terrors. Helmed by visionary filmmaker Shaun Ingram, “La Chincana” promises to redefine horror movies for this generation.

“La Chincana” tells the story of Phillip Winthrop and his amateur band of adventurers who visit Bolivia in hopes of finding proof of a previously sighted Underwater Water Anomaly. Without experience in traversing the dangerous Andean terrain, Phillip wakes in a raft without his memory. Relying only on footage from his video camera, Phillip pieces together the bloodcurdling story of how he arrived at his present condition.

“La Chincana” is both a bold, new experiment in horror filmmaking and an important opportunity to support the maturing Bolivian film community. This Hollywood-based film project will include scenes in Los Angeles, while the bulk of the movie will occur in Bolivia with all of the film crew found locally. “La Chincana” will offer the Bolivian film economy an opportunity to showcase their skills and learn from a veteran filmmaking team.

This project, like most films, will require funds for cast, crew, film equipment, travel and post-production. To raise the initial $85,000 needed to start the project, the production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. In return for your generous support, you can earn valuable perks like Behind-the-Scenes photos/clips, T-shirts, digital artwork, signed script pages, Skype calls with writer or director, DVD, drinks with director or producer, invitation to release party, or Executive Producer credit.

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