Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape Showcases Failure Prevention Services

Property damage claims from tree failures have risen sharply in recent years. Learn how property owners can keep scary situations like this from happening at

Insurance news website Property Casualty 360 reports that insurance claims involving failed trees tipping over onto a piece of property have experienced a sharp rise in recent years. Some of the factors that contributed to this growth are the rise of violent storms, new land development near areas with mature trees, and the spread of the “green movement” that encourages tree planting and preservation. Whatever the reason, it’s important for property owners to know that many instances of tree failure can be prevented with a commitment to proper tree care.

It is with the mission of prevention in mind that Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape is showcasing their expert care services. The Green Tree team knows that good tree care plays a large role in keeping tree failure and damage at bay. For that reason, they want to help home and business owners gain more peace of mind about the condition of the trees on their property.

Gary, a spokesperson for Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape, stated “It is rare that a tree fails suddenly with no warning signs. In many cases, tree failure happens because there is extensive damage and disease that has overtaken the trunk and branches. Many times, that disease has been there for a long time. When storm winds come – and in some cases with no storm winds at all – the tree is simply too weak to stand. As a result, it ends up falling over, sometimes onto a house, car, or commercial building. This is not only a scary situation to deal with, it has the potential to cause serious physical harm to anyone in the tree’s path.”

Gary goes on to say, “Fortunately, these incidents are often preventable with our Expert Tree services in San Diego. We can help keep a property owner’s trees pruned, as this gives the tree structural balance and ensures that sunlight reaches all necessary areas. Doing this also prevents the possibility of weak branches falling off and hitting a person or piece of property. Calling our team for regular maintenance also gives us a chance to quickly identify disease or insect infestation. If these things manifest, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan for Professional Tree Care to address them and help return the tree to good health.”

“Tree failure is a situation that no one ever wants to face, but it’s vital for property owners to realize that they can protect themselves and their possessions. With one visit to, they’ll be able to get immediate help with creating and executing a prevention plan so that they never have to worry about a tree failure nightmare happening to them.”

About Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape

Green Tree Services, Garden and Landscape is a company that provides greenery care services to local property owners. The team at Green Tree understands that many home and business owners want to have a beautifully landscaped property but lack the time and expertise to make it happen. Their mission is to step in and use their extensive knowledge and experience to ensure that a property owner’s lawn, garden, trees, and other green elements remain lush and healthy throughout the entire year.

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