Online E Liquid And E Cig Shop Eliquid365 Launches in Time For Christmas

Recently Launched Eliquid365 will offer a multitude of quality e liquids that will suit anyone’s taste. will officially launch in November. This soon to be popular online shop will offer a wide array of products for the users of e-cigarettes.

Due to recent demographics showing that usage of standard combustible cigarettes is slowly declining, not only because electronic cigarettes aren’t hazardous to health, but because e-cigarettes are a good way to quit smoking all together, the eliquid365 will offer everything from e-liquids to bundles that include e liquids and vaporizers which are certified for a number of uses. 

With the launch of this online web shop, all users will get a guaranteed 10% off any product if they choose to input a discount code which can be seen on the website at any moment. Furthermore, during the first days of the websites operation, numerous products, including e liquids and bundles will be 50% off for all users that wish to purchase them. 

Among the variety of products we would like to highlight the so far best sellers like the “Hemingway’s Own El Capitan” and the “Intrinsic Rush Eliquid” which will needless to say be available as soon as the website goes live. These, as well as many more products are expected to reach near record sales in the first week due to the amount of discounts and offers available to customers.

To furthermore increase traffic in the early stages of operation, Eliquid365 offers a free “Hemingway’s Own Eliquid” for all users that wish to register on the website before the day of its launch.

All of the above mentioned items are available at their online stores, with featured high quality images as well as user reviews. Prices that stand out as well as featured offers are also visible as is the easy and secure check out, as customer satisfaction is mandatory.

An official for Eliquid365 states: “We are launching the new web shop that will offer a wide array of high quality products for the lowest prices, not because people want to stop smoking, but because some people enjoy e cigarettes more than they enjoy tobacco, and thus providing us with a stable clientele, we will strive to outperform our competition at every step, while continuing to deliver a high quality service for our customers.”

About Eliquid365

Eliquid365 is committed to providing only quality products and have strict quality control measures. They source and blend premium e liquids, mainly from their partners from the United States. All products are strictly tested to the highest standard before they are being offered to the customers.

Media Contact
Company Name: REBEK International T/A eliquid365
Contact Person: Peter Clark
Phone: 08431 760 320
City: Kettering
State: Northamptonshire
Country: United Kingdom