Marcus has been engaging in speaking and training events for more than 23 years and has empowered over 100,000+ people to be able to S.E.E. (Self-Encouraged Elevation) clearer!

November 6, 2015 – Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States – Marcus L. Howard, better known as the ‘Empowering Speaker’ and winner of 4 awards is pleased to announce the official worldwide launch of his new book entitled “Judgment Call, U Decide.”  This book is a must-read not just for athletes but for anyone who wants to gain and maintain their increase and advancement.

According to Marcus, “The book Judgment Call, addresses the growing concerns of self-control in athletics, entertainment and the general population at large. Judgment Call helps us understand our emotions and the emotions of those around us, so that we are better equipped to control our actions and reactions.”

Judgment Call answers the “why” and provides readers with insight keen insight on how emotions impact behavior. I’m hopeful that coaches at all levels will strongly consider integrating this book into their strategic plans to win games and change lives.”
Guy Troupeformer college football player, NCAA national office employee, and NFL executive.

Today, there are coaches in every sport and most of them have multiple coaches on every team.  On a football team, for instance, you can find: a Head Coach, Assistant Coach, Offensive Coach, Defensive Coach and Special Teams Coach. Almost every position on the team has a coach, and most organizations even have a weight trainer on staff as well. In the workplace you can find Performance Coaching occurring on a regular basis.  Society in general has jumped on the coach bandwagon and introduced careers as Life Coach, Purpose Coach, Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Coach, and the list drags on. However, the presence of an Emotional Coach is not found in any of these organizations. Marcus wants to provide the missing link to maintaining the increase and advancement, by training others to “Win outside the game.”  The goal, he says, is to provide everyone the ability to become their own Head C.O.A.C.H. and be able to Control Outcomes And Create Harmony.  Those who will invest in themselves and their organization and read the book will feel empowered, and will have learned the recipe for effective self-control in every aspect of life.

Marcus trains individuals on global level by way of seminars, conferences, and virtual events. Most recently, he joined other speakers and trainers in speaking to a group of future World Leaders at one of the Ivy League’s biggest gatherings “Ignite Ivy.”

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Hailing from Tulsa, OK, Marcus Howard is an award-winning author, speaker and trainer who has a tremendous anointing on his life to meet people where they are regardless of their background or the setting he finds himself speaking. He has been known to be a creative innovator, challenging the notions of tradition by focusing on relevancy rather than routine and doing Kingdom business in a new vision way. He has a bold and candid delivery and willingness to talk about the tough subjects using unconventional methods.

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