MadPong a new insane version of Beerpong

Rebelz Games introduce MadPong, the best thing since beer pong! It has much more interaction between players, hygienic gameplay and it is not only about drinking beer anymore. All the red cups also contain a funny assignment for the whole group. Are you ready for FULL MADNESS!? The launch of the product will be done through a crowdfunding campaign at on November 3, 2015.

The company already has a couple of successful games under its belt, with the most successful being MadWish, a crazy truth or dare game with the addition of shots. The thing that makes MadPong different and funnier than regular beer pong is its assignments. MadPong has up to 63 different waterproof assignments cards that can be placed inside the cups. If the ball falls into your cup, you drink the beer first and then perform the assignment. Everyone has to follow your lead, the last one who follows has to take a shot. This way, the other players in the room will also have more engagement during the game. Also, we added shot glasses in the game to bring more variation.

Super crazy

MadPong has been tested on multiple occasions and also at a college party with a tournament. Bülent Yildiz: “The reaction was incredible and resulted in hilarious situations. People literally fell over each other from laughter. This reaction comes mainly from the original assignments but also from the extra shots. We purposely designed these assignments cards with images instead of text, this way it’s easy for everyone to understand even if you’re drunk. These assignments vary from twerking to touching the fattest person in the room. Some of the assignments are on the edge or just over the edge from what people find socially acceptable. If people find the game going too far, then we have achieved our goal. We are the Rebelz, that’s our mission.”

Clean beer 

MadPong is not only more fun to play but also more hygienic. The assignment is printed on a waterproof card which can be placed on the edge inside of the special designed shape of the King’s Cup. This way the ball remains separated from the beer which is underneath the assignment card. During Beer Pong, hair, dust and other filth sticks to the ball and ends up in your beer. Rebelz Games: “We found this to be the biggest problem with beer pong. Now that the problem is solved! Are you ready for FULL MADNESS?”

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