Captain Cash Announces Consumers Will Encounter Money Challenges Soon

With the holidays and winter approaching, individuals need to be aware of alternative funding solutions when they find they are in need of quick cash, reports reports the decreased bank rates currently seen in Canada will trigger a recession, one that will harm the nation’s middle class more than the United States middle class was injured in 2009, during that country’s recession. In fact, they predict the Vancouver and Toronto middle class will find their property is now worth less than their debt. As a result, many individuals will find they need to change their holiday plans and that they may suffer financial difficulties during the winter months. Fortunately, captaincash helps individuals in this situation.

“Captain Cash functions to provide consumers with a solution to their financial problems, by offering a way to match the financial challenge being seen in the country. This option offers an alternative to traditional bank loans and, thanks to the money being deposited on the same day, enables a consumer to resolve their problems in a timely manner. In addition, individuals find these financial products are ideal when they need a cash boost during the holidays,” the Captain Cash staff reports.

Individuals often worry about taking out a payday loan, as these products have received a great deal of negative attention over the years. The annual interest rate associated with these loans exceeds 600 percent, in most cases, and governments have taken notice of this. These financial products have generated unfavorable publicity, leading many consumers to look for payday loan alternatives.

“Captain Cash works with consumers to find a loan that meets their unique needs. Individuals applying for these loans must be 18 years of age and meet monthly minimum income requirements. In addition, they must be a citizen of the country, maintain a Canadian bank account and have stable employment history of a minimum of three months. In addition, other criteria must be met, such as the consumer needs to have a low short term debt ratio. This means he or she cannot have other payday or short term loans that are currently active,” staff members continue.

Urgency dictates many individuals look for alternatives to traditional banks when they find themselves short on cash. A conventional bank loan takes time to process, as paperwork must be filled out and passed through the chain of command. When a person needs cash fast, they may not have the time required to allow this process to complete. For this reason, they turn to alternative funding solutions and desire ones with more favorable terms than payday loans.

“Consumers are no longer limited to payday lenders when they find themselves in this situation. A payday loan typically has a short repayment period, often less than 30 days. Thanks to new alternative funding solutions offered through Captain Cash, individuals find they obtain the funds they need and have more time to repay the loan. This ensures they don’t end up in a vicious cycle, one that leads to continuous debt that they cannot seem to pay off. Look for alternative funding sources today, as the holidays are quickly approaching. Money is available for those who need it. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to look,” the Captain Cash staff declares. 

About Captain Cash:

Captain Cash recognizes their clients are their most valuable and appreciated asset, and all customer care associates are dedicated to making each transaction simple and effortless. The company functions as a brokerage service committed to finding cash loans for clients with both good and bad credit, with the mission being to meet and exceeds the needs and expectations of the client.

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